Thursday, April 5, 2012

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About the newsletter

Published no more than two emails a week, this newsletter is about:
  •  connecting to Israel and the Bet El Dream: " you and your descendants I give this land" [Breishit 28].
  •  insights and activism asserting the inalienable rights of our nation to our homeland.
  •  expressing solidarity with the Jews of Bet El (on the front lines of Ramallah), with the Jews of Judea and Samaria, and with the State of Israel in general.
  •  Jewish spirituality and Torah inspiration relevant to our times
  • Tapping into good news from the developing Israeli economy and society.
  • Delivering Hebrew content in English. There is so much that readers limited to English miss. I am presenting you with choice Hebrew content translated and explained.
  • New feature: Great Israel Videos - we're starting to place some great Israel videos in each newsletter.
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In short:
  1. No more than two emails a week (currently much less!)
  2. Choice, exclusive content for the Pro-Israel reader not available in English anywhere else on the web
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  4. Edited by yours truly, the Founder and 14-years Editor-in-Chief of
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With a passionate love of Israel and many thanks for your interest in the Jewish State,
Baruch Gordon
Director of Development
Bet El Institutions

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